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Blast your questions at Karma

A nice easy spot  to drop your questions, on what ever genetica related.


Hey Karma,


Just wanted to ask what traits you think the Ghost OG /JoshD OG breeds most true for? Also: what traits do you most look for in a breeding partner in order to create improvement or uniqueness? I have seen a million crosses with it, but none with a pure sativa - does it cross well into pure sativas, or is there a reason people avoid it?

Og and  haze dont combine well everytime i did it myself.  But only did a few.


Joshd cut breeds oke for OG traits but not dominand for exact similar pheno.s


Ps i never call ghost and josh cut same  as most ghost around us not same cut.

Hi karma hope you're feeling good.

I have a quick few questions about your K2 clone.

Is the clone you have, a specific cut of K2 like the keeper cut that was going around at the time or something. Or maybe you found it from seed etc.

Also I remember you mentioning you were testing a K2 X biker (sounds amazing) just wondering how that run went and will we see seed stock released of it anytime soon.

All the best mate