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So here is one pheno of bonbon from @smellboat. Craziest thing I've ever seen. I surely don't mind it one bit considering the lineage. We've talked and it has to be the rarest pheno thus far. A little about the wide leaf thai dom rainbow pheno. Stretch: 500%, harvest time: TBD, Yield: 0.5oz I'd you stack them REAL close together. 不不不不. I'm truly excited due to the frost it's producing already. Will be an interesting ride till the end for sure!!! Thank you Smelly for creating the most unique line of seeds I've ever seen!!! For anyone who doubts Thai was used in the creation of rainbow, well here's your proof



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I was really happy because of the snow that was already popping up. Will be an interesting trip until the end for sure !!! Thanks Smelly for creating the perfect line of seeds I've ever seen ! I like this website. For anyone who doubts Thai is used in creating that rainbow, well here is your excuse.

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