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Cherry Berry

I ordered this cross in the thick of the Covid crisis via cash sent and am due to finally receive my mail tomorrow.  Matt took the time to walk me through the ordering process and was nice enough to send me pics of other grows of the Cherry AK x Blue Bonnet cross while I waited.  Figure the least I can do is throw up some  feed back from a tropical hot and humid climate.  Feel a bit self conscious being this excited for a package as a grown ass man but I can't wait.  I worked a lot of cherry ak in the grass valley / Nevada City area indoor, light dep, outdoor so I am anxious to compare the cross to the cut I used to fuck with. I'm also going to run Bubbleberry V2 and what ever else might be in the box so check back for pics and posts.  I breed and grow living organic for terps and medical Veteran issues PTSD, Pain, Insomnia in a hot humid environment.

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