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Cuban's Contest!

To help encourage some good posting and grow reports, I'm posting a contest! Real simple one.


1. Post a full grow report on this forum with a minimum of 10 updates. Smoke report optional, but I'd love to see em!

2. No 69 Skunk, 78OGLaAffie, Big Bud, GDP

3. Don't push nitrogen in flower!

Winners: there will be 3, tres, three winners. I shall not declare winners at the count of two not at the count of 4 or 5, but precisely 3. These winners will be:




That's fucking right - you don't even have to not grow mids. You want to grow some Purple Punch or Mac? Go for it, buddy. You can STILL WIN.

Each winner will be getting at least 20 seeds decided based on their personal taste. You're sure to get something you'll like!

So go on and get to posting them pretty reports.

- Cuban

Ok so here's 3wks in. Multiple flavors so doing a quick pheno hunt to see what comes from them. Enjoy

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Crazy leaf structure on this @smellboat BonBon

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Is this contest still on ?? When does it finish if so ?

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