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How Louie XIII got out

This is the story of how Louie Xlll slipped through Sun Valley Caregivers fingers.

It of course started with a bagseed they found in a bag of OG.

They had her on lockdown for a while. In fact the only other place I knew of that sold Louie at the time was Valley Patients in Panorama city.

I believe the two shops were connected. It was the house favorite at VP up until they closed the doors, maybe a year or two ago. They grew their shit upstairs above the shop. The chems from the grow op upstairs overpowered the smell of weed in dispenery downstairs,but I digress....

Soooo I would roll through all these shops to GET MY MONEY haha and would always fuck with the owner of S.V.C. by constantly hitting him up for a cut of Louie.

If I remember right both APE and Swerve would drop trays of clones at his shop.

I'm not sure where the owner was from but he had a Russian or Armenian sounding accent. Anyways, I'd tell him to let me get a cut and he'd reply in that accent.... "diss cutz cooost two a hun drred und feeefty towsand doolarz!"

I would literally EXPLODE with laughter. He'd just stand there with a blank look as I'd point my finger RIGHT at his face and laugh. Then I'd ask him again and do the whole thing all over again.lol(I was a bit of a jackass)

We had done a lot of business in the past but we were far from friendly. This happened EVERY time I saw him.lol

Then one day I get a call from him, in a TOTAL panic asking if I was in the shop today or if I had sent anybody in?

I guess either SVC fucked up or who ever was doing their clones blew it but somehow the wrong tray was put out for sale and sold.

He thought I had bought all or some. He asked but was really almost begging if I would please bring them back into the shop if I did buy them.

In my best Russian-ish voice I said DEEZ CUTZ COOOST TWO A HUN DRRED UND FEEETY TOWSAND DOOLARZ! hahaha He FUCKIN FREAKED on me!haha

I have no idea what he was yelling into the phone but I guarantee it was about my mother., and it wasn't nice. Lol After he calmed down long enough for me to get a word in edge wise, I told him that I was just messing with him, but it didn't matter. I was warned not to EVER come to the shop again. Haha

I haven't seen too much on it but it seems that it's meant to be remembered like SVC chose to spread the cut. Like they set her free or something! That's not at all how it went down.


Anybody know anything about it? Im curiousĀ if he called anybody else.lol

I've only talked to one other person that remembered that day. He would take pics for their menu that they'd upload on weedmaps or something.

He wasn't lying because he knew how they marked the cubes.






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