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I shifted to OSRS

My information: OSRS if you just want a massive GrindScape, but RS3 is much more multifaceted and provides more choices for individuals attempting to play RS whilst also having lives and jobs. Afking and semi-afking is considerably more common and flexible in RS3 for when you can not always devote undivided attention to buy RS gold, and there's also a ton of fun activities for when you would like to be more engaged. Now, I haven't played deep-game content in OSRS, but that is from my experience with it I do have, it is complete attention-demanding grindiness that drove me back into RS3, and on advice and descriptions I have seen from other individuals too.

So you don't have to purchase both A membership fee pays for a profile for the two games. If you ask people about this they will 100% give you their own biased opinions on it. After about 10 hours on the two matches you'll have and you can proceed from there.

I've played both games alot, I'm ex comp on RS3 (not been comp since 120 slayer upgrade ), then I shifted to OSRS as I got tired on RS3, there was not too much for me to perform after comp without getting very burnt out for trim etc. Now I'm currently hoping to max my OSRS accounts and just started a HCIM OSRS across both sides and really enjoy it, OSRS feels so much more rewarding to me personally without the MTX and DXP weekends (months now it seems!). However, the two games are great for different reasons. RS3 is more engaging and contains more enjoyable pvm content and battle platform - better for new players, and RS07 Gold is a longer grind but feels much more rewarding - and better for original/nostalgic players.

I am considering checking out of the content that is new and again trying to play with RS3 again however. Both are very good! I prefer osrs,but I still think RS3 is a better game with more to perform instead of grinding (that is the pleasure of osrs) try out both guy! Hell,I thought classic was good when they brought it back a few years back:P I have been playing for like 13 years so osrs is more what I expect from runescape,but that by no way makes RS3 a bad match or RuneScape not really worth checking out,you may like RS3 alot better!

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