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Midlife Crisis Genetics

This is my seed company.  If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting the now defunct retail store “The Sharper Image” then you know what we are all about. My  first line of seeds come with an asterisk as I have used 2 different strains to pollinate a few branches in my tent.  So there is about small chance that some of the seeds are a different cross or F2. I call these “surpriseez”, its like winning free genetics, just not the ones you asked for. Its still “winning” though. Just like the lottery or bingo. 

Obviously, I am a not a master grower and my setup is far from ideal as well as being tiny. Keep in mind when viewing this thread that everything I know comes from wading through piles and piles of shit online while sipping on a little kool-aid - all prior to suckling off the bountiful tit of team riot who have been an oasis of cool dudes in an ocean of buttholes. If anything this is a guide of what not to do and how to grow mids poorly in an extra costly manner. Im not trying to sell seeds and looking back I shouldn't have moronically used 2 different strains in my tent. Hopefully, I'll become a better grower by posting this.

I got 44 seedlings out of 50 or so seeds and ended up with these females (except gg4).  I struggle with addiction to variety, I'm working on growing more of a strain so I might actually do a proper selection. Once I get a few keepers in the stable will help me with my struggle hopefully.

4 Apollo XX

4 Tres Dawg IX

4 Lucky Charms

5 Dominion Skunk

2 Wicked Deep Strawberry

2 Purple Rarity 

1 Lemon Garlic OG

1 GG4 (curious how it stacks up)

1 Blueberry - DJ short via attitude (terrible purchase)

Hey Riot - check out this Apollo XX description - sounds like Mr. Soul has a leg up on everyone regarding reversals and not just fashion sense anymore.

“Brothers Grimm have traditionally refused to offer feminized seeds because Brother's Grimm didn’t believe it was necessary, and they didn’t want to risk hermaphrodism. However, their research during 2016 lead them to a method which produced their first feminized version of Apollo Eleven – Brother's Grimm call it Apollo XX, to indicate the two X-chromosomes. First, they induced their favorite Cinderella 99 female, famous for resin production, to be the pollen donor for their big-yielding, lime-citrus scented female clone named Genius to create the ultimate Apollo in feminized form. They call it Apollo XX to indicate the two X-chromosomes.”

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I removed the males after a couple weeks of flower by ripping the root masses away from each other as gently as possible... Also featured the Midlife Crisis Genetics clone center.


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1st pic is wicked deep strawberry at 28 days flower

next 3 pics are lucky charms at 33 days

then 2 apollo xx  at 33 days

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Mids update.  Day 40 of flower.  I've pulled nitrogen from my feedings do to the advice of Riot, Cuban, etc.

Here are some Dominion skunk plants.  First pic is mostly one plant dominating the shared bucket, looks to be a chem leaner from the stretch.  Its likely impeding growth on the hashplant pheno both by its rootmass strangling them and taking up a lot of light.  Again, this is not an ideal growing situation but it allows me to pop more seeds which is more fun.

Last is a pic of the lowers of the wicked deep strawberry pheno I am liking.



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