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Pavlov’s Garden

As I prepare for this outdoor season I think it would be best I introduced myself first and how I arrived to this forum.

Growing for me is a hobby I am very passionate about. I have always enjoyed the flavors and the variety of strains. I remember my sophomore year in high school, skipping class, and driving 4 hours to get white widow. That was the first strain that was famous that I could actually try. I lived in a boys home at the time and got busted for skipping school.

I have a very fulfilling career but it is by no means financially rewarding. I love it unconditionally. I spend most my time, in solitude, walking around a golf course thinking  about plants and grass and I still love it. Most people have zero understanding on what it takes to maintain 200acres consistently. I would imagine it is the same for the cannabis breeder. Millions and millions of smokers, millions of growers, yet a handful of guys who actually understand what it takes to breed.

Science says energy is never lost only transferred. When two elements come together energy is transferred and it’s a beautiful chaos. That’s is where I live my life, in that place of chaos. That is my peace.

Here is what I will be sharing from the garden this year.

Grease Og- lineage Og Kush??? x Sensi Star ??? Lineage is based on what I’ve found asking around and hunting forums Glands are very fragile and leaves a slick on your fingers when touched. It has a sweet ginger softness to the Og finish. I have had this plant for 10+ years. I received this as a gift.

Super Sour Og- Emerald Triangle Seeds (Blueberry x Sour x OG) x Lost Coast OG. Breeder says Sour was used. Most online description says sour diesel. Very sour berry scent, finishes with a pungent Og. This cut I have had for 6-7 years.

Fire Og

Pre98 Bubba x Bluecity Diesel . This is from my buddies JOI BlueCity and my bubba female. I have 2 F1 moms that I really liked and 6 of the F2 (4f/2m) The cross is called Bluegene. This was done out of pure curiosity. The F2s started showing leaf buds and we stopped messing with it.

Fire Alien Strawberry. Strawberry Cough x Fire Alien Kush. Sativa high leaning. Clone taken from friend who grew out seeds.

Conspiracy cookies- GSC “thin mint” x G13- from Sequoia Seeds

Root Beer Float- XXX Og x Vanilla kush from hermetic genetics. These seeds were from 2015

Galactic Animal Cookies- Galactic Cookies x ( Bay.Ex. Og x OGKB GSC) Bay Exclusive Seeds. 1 seed out of 7 germinated.

Random seeds... The Bluecity bubba F1 male that was used for the F2s was also allowed to tramp around with some cuttings of everything else that was going. Those would be Grease, Super Sour, GSC, Sunset, and Doe si. Some of these I have going but not sure for how much longer.



Here are some pictures. This particular Bluegene started showing trics a week and a half into a 12/12 cycle under a 250 watt t5

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