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The night I thought they killed Ric Flair

one of my fondest childhood moments...

I loved the wwf and wcw in their heyday. I remember being 4-5 years old going to the (really) small town video rental shop. I would beg whoever (usually my grandma) took me to let me get the classic pay per view tapes from the early Wrestlemanias and so on... the heyday from my perspective. The early years of HBK and Bret Hart rivalry... the beginning of DX.

My dad fucking despised it! 😂

The night that Ric Flair got beat up by the nWo with a baseball bat after an event— I burst outta my room in tears screaming “they KILLED him! On TV!”

My dad just lost it... lol “no more fucking wrestling shit in this house!” And that was that.

i had to keep the volume down low if I wanted to get away with watching it in my bedroom... 10 years old reading subtitles to figure out if Chyna was a dude or not.

welp this story got depressing. Good news is,  Ric Flair is still alive and looking dead as ever!

Omg I fucking love it!



Haha my dad always felt the need to walk in & say 'it's not real'. Nob head.

Loved the wcw days. Goldberg was my favourite. Ric flair is the man though, dirtiest player in the game, jet flying limouine riding. Those slaps to the chest wooooo. Classic ric

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