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What's crackin?

What's up kids? It ain't a forum if we ain't chopping it up. I'm an Oregon family man that grows buds in my wee bit of free time. Off and on in the garden since '09, steady since '14. Dabbling pollen chucker. Wifey opened first mmj dispensary in Eastern Oregon a few years back, shes a former norcal grow fairy and trim soldier from Willetts. We've since moved but Highway 30 Cannabis carries on out in E.O...just here to share and learn and keep it 100. Triggle on the boards, the_armistice on IG (riot, you still dont follow me and it makes me sad haha. Old skool DJ fanboy myself and find myself agreeing with you a lot.). Stoked to get to know y'all and happy to have stumbled on riots page/gear a while back.




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