Bananas & Bubblegum


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Bananas And Bubblegum

Lemon Bubblegum Cookies x Platinum Banana OG BX1

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Bananas And Bubblegum

Lemon Bubblegum Cookies x Platinum Banana OG BX1

Hands down the 1995 Sensi Star Pink Bubblegum pheno is the most desired cut if you’re searching for true pink bubblegum terps. We have worked with her and her progeny for several years and one of our most famous creations we’ve ever made is our Bubblegum Cookies. 4 years ago we crossed our Lemon Bar OG male (Private Reserve OG x Sour Lemon Larry) male with the Bubblegum cookies line and we released a few, but we mostly kept these in house to search through for the perfect marriage of Lemon Citrus terps and Pink Bubblegum terps. After 4 long years of running the seeds we found her and she is nothing short of breathtaking. I was wondering if it was wishful thinking, so I took buds to someone who doesn’t smoke at all and whenever they smell bud they never can smell anything past “This smells like weed.” Their immediate reaction was “THIS IS PINK BUBBLEGUM AND LEMONS!” Instantly I knew this was something special and the only thing that could make it truly more unique is by throwing in some of those Banana Laffy Taffy terps. So really, if you’re a TerpMaster Extraordinaire and Mr. Rosin Squish Man then this is for you – Limited to a 5 pack release. I will not release anymore than that of this f1 generation and this line will be worked further Flowering times are 9-10 weeks.

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