Broken Native


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Broken Native

OG Kush (Soul Assassin #1) x Blue Bonnet



15 in stock


Broken Native

OG Kush (Soul Assassin #1) aka LA OG x Blue Bonnet

The SAC #1 cut popped up around 2004 supposedly via some dude named DJ Muggs (I know next to nothing about Cypress Hill – I was in a totally diff music world).  So how much of that story is true is beyond me.  Either way this cut is super fucking dank. The Blue Bonnet is a timeless and classic Blueberry line (originally bred by DJ Short) bred towards the direction of the blueberry muffin terps by none other than Lonestar of Texas Resin Company. The Blue bonnet male was a broad leaved afghani dominant guy, which is rare for finding that blueberry muffin smell in the more afghani dominant creatures in the blue realm.  Not only does he impart blueberry muffin terps to whoever he touches, he also drastically shortens flowering time as well as increases sexual stability.

Classic soapy/lime OG terps infused with heavy blueberry notes – picture SFV with a much better structure and a blueberry nose.  STOKED on these.

Flowering Time – 9 Weeks (variant)

Yield is moderate to heavy



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