C99 x Double Purple Doja – Lost and found packs


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Double Purple Cindy

C99 x Double Purple Doja

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So back during my days of working with my most favorite male – Double Purple Doja F1’s from Suny Cheba – I had hit my C99 F1 mother with the dude.  I made probably only a total of 6 packs or so of them, it was the last of the pollen in the lil jar.  Anyway I lost them over a year and a half ago.  Today I was cleaning out my shit around my bed and low and behold there they were, the Double Purple Cindys.  I have a total of 6 packs so I’m going to put 5 for sale


What do they look like?  No fucking clue.  The C99 mom finished right at 8 weeks and was sativa dom whereas the DPD usually finished around 9, and the male usually pushed things around that time, so I’d say 8-9 weekers.  Expect heavy yields and some purple colourations throughout.  Awesome Pineaaple/Blackberry candy goodness!


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