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1 – 16 Oz Bottle of 2X Strength Concentrated Sex Change Solution that makes 2.25 Gallons of badassness for all of your reversing needs!

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Ever wanted to produce your own reversed line like Mr. Riot? Are you starting a company and want to offer the latest clone only sensations in pure form?

Would you like to back up some of those valuable clone only strains without using much space?

How about getting genetics from here to there without worrying about keeping a plant alive?

Our sex change spray is WHAT YOU NEED!


Some people refer to Sex Reversal and pollination as “Feminizing or Feminized” however, we do not agree with this term. If you use a plant that is a from a phenotypically unstable line, you will end up with males in the line. And there are SO FEW TRUE IBL Lines (meaning 100% uniformity between phenotypes from each seed) so you should expect to see a small population of males depending on this variable. Educate yourself and your customers on the science behind reversals. Reversing plants does NOT cause more hermaphroditism or a potency drop. In fact, it’s a great way to bring vigor back to a clone only line that is tired from being passed from cut to cut. The solution actually causes the gibberelin hormone to be produced in the plant (many factors cause the plant to naturally produce gibberelin, one of which is stress, however that does not mean that having the plant produce this hormone is causing it stress – one doesnt necessitate the other to be true). Gibberelins are naturally produced by the plants in nature when the plant senses a male is needed in the population to continue its line (we all know plants are living beings, however many don’t understand the true nature of their intelligence and ability to assess their surroundings.) The introduction of the RIOT SEEDS CANNABIS SEX REVERSAL SPRAY also causes ethylene production to halt which causes pistillate formation and female characteristics. Reversing the Sex of the plants is TEMPORARY AND DOES NOT ALTER THE DNA OF THE PLANT. If anyone tells you that, they do not understand cannabis, science, or really haven’t done any experiments first hand. They’re bullshitting about a method they are too simple to understand or to perform.  As you will see this is not a quick and easy solution. It takes timing and practice to accomplish a successful reversal and pollination. We’ve made the reversal part as easy as it can be – in fact, it’s downright idiot proof if you follow the instructions.


You will receive one bottle with 16 oz of Double Strength Concentrated Solution good enough to make 2.25 Gallons of spray!!

First off, two things to note: for storage, the stock solution (bottle you receive) should be stored in a refrigerated or cool and dark area. This drastically increases the shelf life to multiple years.
Before using, shake vigorously. This has a Silver Nitrate base, so staining of the bottle is normal. It needs to be shaken very, very vigorously before use to ensure proper mixture ratio. IF YOU SEE SILVER STICKING TO THE BOTTLE SIDE, THIS IS OKAY, We’ve formulated the product for a little loss since this is normal.
If you have a size Large (16 Ounce bottle) dilute the solution 1:18 water.
You want to initiate whichever plants you are preparing to spray into flower, and we spray on the first date of flower trigger.
Some plants need to be sprayed once a day until you see balls (which ON AVERAGE is 3.5-4 weeks), however each plant is different and has different hormonal needs, so sometimes as little as once a week is sufficient. For first time reversals with any cut, I always recommend the spraying once a day until you see balls starting to form.
When spraying, we are less concerned with covering every leaf, we are more concerned about spraying directly at growth nodes. Keep this in mind, makes the spray last way longer if you’re selective and target the correct areas for spraying.
We recommend keeping as much of the spray in stock solution form as you can and only mixing exactly what you need. We cannot stress enough how important refrigeration is.
It’s as simple as that. However the other things to take into account:
  • Once you start spraying, it drastically decreases the stretch, so make sure the plant (s) you’re reversing are an optimal height before starting the reversal.
  • Usually the more copies of a clone you have that can be reversed, the better. We are dealing with odds here as far as getting a proper reversal where the balls mature correctly and drop viable pollen. Some plants are MUCH MORE resistant to throwing viable pollen than others. I like to have a 1:4 ratio on pollen throwers : receivers unless it’s a massive reversal, that changes a lot.
  • Think about staggering the entry of pollen receivers – if the pollen isn’t being thrown by the reversed plant till 6 weeks after initiating flower, then you want to wait 2 weeks after flower trigger to initiate flowering for the pollen receivers. Some cuts need no stagger, I found this with some hemp lines, that they mature very fast and kick pollen fast.
  • It’s important to choose sexually stable females to reverse in order to keep hermaphroditic rates low in the progeny (this is important when making regular or feminized seeds)
What is the Riot’s Reversal Spray?
Our spray is an STS Base with a few added elements that helped improve the uptake and reliability of the process. STS stands for Silver Nitrate / Sodium Thiosulfate mixture – we feel currently that this is the most stable and easy way for anyone to reverse any plants that rely on ethylene blocking to reverse sex.
How does it work?
STS has properties known to increase the production of a hormone called “gibberellin” while also (and most importantly) blocking the release of ethylene in the plants system. Doing this ensures all stopping of any female reproductive organ production and focuses it all on staminate male production for pollen dispersal.
We feel that using the chemical version of the hormonal switch is advantageous to naturally causing a plant to flip sex through stress techniques. We’ve seen over the years when people use the stress method that there’s a high incidence of hermaphroditism in the progeny, possibly passing some sort of quick stress trigger epigenetically.
It’s just a simple hormonal switch we are playing with, and following these instructions drastically decreases the likelihood of running into any unwanted speed bumps.
As for reversing specific plants – and any other instructions we do consultations for a fee over skype – the spray is a tool for the task, but the task is something people need to research thoroughly. It’s taken me over a decade to figure out what I have about reversals. It’s a lot of sit and wait, and balls that won’t mature for some reason or another. Plants always reverse if people follow the instructions, however it doesn’t mean it will always produce viable pollen. Unfortunately there’s no magic trick to making it work consistent and flawless without stress inducing and that’s bad news for progeny.



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