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(Black Russian x Cherry AK 47 x Super Skunk) x Pre98 BUbba Kush Reversed Female

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(Black Russian x Cherry AK47 x Super Skunk) x Pre98 Bubba Kush Reversed Female


We had been wanting to work with Suny Cheba’s Neon Super Skunk for some time, however it was probably the single hardest to find strain from him, so it was a long time waiting.  We were hooked up by a very good friend, who I will let remain anonymous unless he would let me put his name down.  Anyway, there were 3 distinct phenos being pulled from the pack – One very light cherry (maraschino cherry pheno – this is the one chosen for the S1’s), one dutch sweet skunk pheno (not too appealing to me), and a deep heavy cherry phenotype that is more akin to black cherries with only the lightest skunk undertone..  I thought back to when the “Trichome Queens” claimed they had a Cherry Bubba tha was amazing, and they made up all kindsa fanciful things about the smell, taste, and yield etc…made it sound very appealing.  Anyway since it didn’t REALLY EXIST.


Flash forward a few years and I had the opportunity to make this bitch real.  I have a HEAVY yielding dark cherry smelling lady with lots of resin production and great potency….. and our pre98 that we reversed adds every desireable quality anyone could want from a medically relevant and viable strain.


So what we have is a HEAVY yielding indica dominant strain with crazy strong potency, cherry/bubba musky smells, heavy resin productions great for trim hash due to resin on leaves,  and a flowering time for maximum potency of 10 weeks.




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