CLOCKSBREATH (Hawgsbreath x Clockwork Orange) FEMINIZED


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(Hawgsbreath x Clockwork Orange)

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(Hawgsbreath x Clockwork Orange)


We took my baby, my creation Clockwork Orange, the mother crinkle cut, and reversed it and hit quite a few things with it.  lots of people have been wanting to see what the hybrids to other badass strains are like, so this was our duty.  We hit our Hawgsbreath cut via James The Hawg Gonzales (RIP) with her.  Anyone who has ever smoked REAL Hawgsbreath knows that this thing don’t fuck around.  Before OG Kush took the West Coast by storm, the Bullrider, P91, and Hawgsbreath reigned Supreme as the most potent strains around.  Hawgsbreath is a heavy couchlock crippling Indica with FUNKY smells and special sweet and funky flavors.


This is currently in testing and will be available EARLY 2013.


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