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[(Clockwork Orange x Neville’s Skunk) x Clockwork Orange] x Clockwork Orange

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Clockwork Orange – The rarest strain in existence is now brought to you in the form of Clockwork Orange BX.

Originall Clockwork Orange was released as an S1, however as promised we kept those seeds to a very small number, and we will do the same with these.


Clockwork Orange’s story starts with one crazy guy, and a story about coming from a Greenhouse Seeds pack of Alaskan Ice. The guy said that he treated it with colchicine, however he also said that it was a mutant straihgt from the pack. The true story, we’ll never know. Anyway this plant, this one specific plant had an odd leaf mutation which we refer to as crinkle leaf – it basically looks like you scared the shit out of the plant. This plant was as strong as the hash from all of the other plants from that seed pack. We tried crossing this plant with a male out of the same pack, however the power was drowned out and the leaf mutation disappeared in most of the generation of the seeds. After several generations of cubing (see Mendel’s Genetic Laws) we were able to produce ONE single seed that had the same properties as the mother while having a much increased yield… MUCH INCREASED. THIS plant we dubbed Clockwork Orange.

Now, Alaskan Ice is listed as White Widow x Pure Haze, however there is nothing about this plant that screams White Widow, while there are some hazey scents up in there. Again, because Greenhouse Seeds is known for their bait and switch tactics (putting whatever seeds they have the most of in another pack of seeds and renaming it), we will NEVER know the true genetics of this Cannabis Wonder. Whatever the genetics are, this cannabis plant stands alone in it’s uniqueness, strength, and medical relevance. 

There is also another version of Clockwork Orange in existence called Smart Alex (Ala The Adicts) that was made from an S1 of Clockwork Orange, however it didn’t keep the leaf crinkle and smells very strong of coffee. The power is still there, and so is the yield, so this too is a very special plant.

As for Clockwork Orange BX’s properties, the smell is VERY hard to describe…it’s VERY earthy and musty… That’s about the best I can describe it.. it smells like no other cannabis in existence. When dried and cured correctly it turns orange/golden coloured. This, again, is another very special trait that was usually achieved on other “gold” plants by splicing them stems. The yields are far above average, and Clockwork Orange does best in a single cola, however if you’re a SOG grower, note that the leaves on Clockwork Orange BX are bigger than freakin dinner plates, to you’d have to do some leaf trimmage to make it work, however when this is done the yields of Clockwork Orange BX can outyield ANY plant hands down in a SOG.


Note: August 2010 High Times had Clockwork Orange listed in the THMQ (the Marijuana Quote Index) at $550 an ounce in California, which was the highest in CA and 2nd highest in the nation for that month. As you can tell from the description, this plan is my baby. It’s what I made my reputation on, it’s the strain I’ve worked the most to perfect, and I really hope that everyone who brings her home has a great deal of respect of the time and effort gone into these genetics. She will ALWAYS reward you in the end and it is GUARANTEED to have your friends begging for more of her when you run out!


NOTE: you HAVE to scuff these seeds and sometimes crack them after a few days yourself in order to get them to go. They are an anomaly with how large they are and it’s almost impossible to get them to germinate without helping them crack. It seems like all of the clockwork orange seeds and hybrids: Smart Alex, Clockwork BX, Clockwork Orange all display this trait. They’re well worth it if you can get them out of that hard ass marble of a shell, but it’s like surgery trying to get them out of those shells. The reason they’re so expensive is because of how few there are and how hard they are to germinate. Keep the scuffing in mind (use the back of a matchbook – the striking area and rub it hard along the seams on the seed) or after soaking it for a few days, see which ones won’t go on their own and get a pair of scissors – and this is SUCH a gentle process, clamp the scissors down JUST until the seed cracks a tiny bit, so water can enter the shell, but not to the point of where the seedling inside is harmed. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE SEEDS UNLESS YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING SOME OF THESE ADVANCED SEED CRACKING METHODS OR YOU WILL JUST BE BUMMED!

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