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Thai Landrace x G13 Haze

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A Special Thai Landrace gifted to us by Hemcy Seeds was used to select a mother for this hybrid. We wanted to make sure and stress test all of the females and pick out the ones that had any sort of hermie tendency throughout flowering. We decided to keep her sativa heritage in tact that we’d cross her with Soma’s G13 Haze with the G13 in the G13 Haze bringing down the flowering time a bit.


Expect MASSIVE yields with beautiful full sativa buds and LOTS of STRRRRRRETCH. We are seeing lots of Fruity smells and lemon smells along with lots of earthy haze smells.


Pictures courtesy of Hooter.

A Quote from a REAL Riot Seeds Customer on their recent experience with COnspiracy THeory – this email is repreinted with his permission.  His email address is included fo verification purposes for any doubters.



7:37 AM (23 hours ago)

to me
What’s up Matt?  Just wanted to tell you my buddy and I grew and tried your Conspiracy Theory and it blew our asses away.  Most incredible shit we’ve ever smoked.  Dude thought Barney’s LSD was the shit ’til he tried your CT.
Had to give you props, bro!

Thanks for everything, Matt.  Dude… you ARE the CannaGod!  ;-D
LMMFAO!  I remember reading all the bad shit about you and your plants before I bought the CT.
“whaaaa whaaaa Riot’s shit herms… has a low germ rate… grows all geeked out”
Lemme just tell you, CT is a bullet-proof plant.  My buddy and I did EVERYthing wrong to those poor bitches and they still produced!  The only thing we did right is to follow your sprouting instructions to the letter.  After that?  We totally Cheech & Chong’d it.  I grew ’em from seed then gave them to my buddy to finish.  I didn’t bother to tell him how long the flowering time was… haha!  He finished them under 4 T-12 bulbs if you can believe that.
I cloned ’em with 100% success rate.  Then burned the FUCK out of the clones with fertilizer when they were about 2 feet tall.  Leaf tips totally went brown and curled.  Most of the fan leaves turned copper.  I wrote ’em off for dead and left them outside in the Nor Cal freezing rain.  It only made ’em stronger!  They’re STILL outside with the hail beating the shit out of ’em.  They’re 4 feet tall and totally in bud.  Healthy as hell too.
My buddy will send you some pics he took.  I’ll send you pics after this weekend ’cause it’s raining.
Thanks for everything, Matt.  Dude… you ARE the CannaGod!  ;-D
I love emails like this, makes me smile knowing people are really digging our shit and realizing the BS being talked 

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