GANGSTER FUNK (Purple Gangster Clone Only x Black Grapes)


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(Purple Gangster Clone Only x Black Grapes)

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(Purple Gangster x Black Grapes)


Purple Gangster is a very special clone. It’s one of the few massive yielding OG Kush dominant plants that turns a DEEP ROYAL PURPLE shade.  It’s got the killer Murphys Oil Soap Funk that old OG Kushes bring to the table with a slight hint of sweet Blackberry/Cherry note.  The genetics are Abusive OG Kush x Sweet Tooth #3 x Black Russian.  

The father is a clone we call Black Grapes.  He’s a male clone we’ve been doing some testing with that we created during our work with our Urkel dominant Gorilla grape male.  The Quaze clone that’s been spread around Holland is one of the most bizarre looking cannabis strains out there.  it has this odd mutation where the buds grow like strings of pearls… not very leafy.  The flavor is absolutely indescribeable except to say that it’s slightly floral and reminds me of some of the best SE ASian strain I’ve smoked. Now the main reaosn we worked with it is because it has the record for the longest high a strain can produce, lasting as long as 13 Hours – no bullshit, no hype, it’s a common occurence and experienced at many competitions…13 hours.  We thought that crossing Urkel, which is a great pain reliving strain with the Quaze might bring about a strain that creates ALL DAY RELIEF for the pain sufferer without leaving them sunkin a couch and actually giving them energy to make it through the day.  So now we are offering a few projects with this as the father plant to bring an extraordinarily medically relevant plant to the masses.


Named after a song by San Francisco’s One and Only Rock ‘n Roll band, Crime.

Expect finishing times of 8-9 Weeks.

Average Yields

Potency up the ying yang.


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