Green Smack


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Green Smack

Green Crack (aka Green Cush) x Clockwork Piff

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Green Smack

Green Crack (aka Green Cush) x Clockwork Piff

So our Green Crack (originally given to us as Green Cush) plant has become world famous for it’s deep rich mango flavors and smells that stick through the cure as well as some beautiful purple coloration on the buds and leaves.  It’s a fat, fat yielder, and in fact we used it for cropping during the days of the SD Urban Growers Society.  That, Blue Dream, and Strawberry Creme made an unbeatable cash cropping trifecta.  Anyway, we used our awesome Clockwork Piff male to smack this baby arond some and made a few packs of seeds.  This will be the more sativa end of Green Crack and will SKYROCKET the potency to almost uncomfortable levels, so PLEASE if you are new to smoking, do NOT buy or smoke this.  It takes VERY little nutrients and can go wack if people try to push it with bloom boosters and crap like that.  The Green Smack can run for months in coco with light amendments like some worm castings and humic acid.  Flowering Time caries by phenotype but we’re looking around 9-10 weeks.  Expect well above average yields and lots of purple.  These are super limited, so if you’re a Green Crack  d

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