Hawg’s Orange Dream F2’s


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James Hawg’s Orange Dream F2’s

Blue Dream Santa Cruz Cut x BCGA Orange Crush

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Blue Dream (Santa Cruz Cut) x BCGA’s Orange Crush


Before James Hawg (of Hawgsbreath fame) passed away, he released the last few strains he was working on – Hawg’s Kush Dream, Purple Candy, and Orange Dream.  We were fortunate enough to be the recipient of all of the above.  

The Orange Dream is comprised of two mains strains – Orange Crush and Blue Dream.  Orange Crush was originally a hybrid made by BCGA (British Columbia Growers Association) and it was a cross of the 25 year old (now closer to 30) California Orange cut which was a Skuk that had deep orange smells and flavors and an older Blueberry line ala DJ Short.

The Blue Dream Santa Cruz cut is the strain that Riot Seeds released S1’s of 5+ years ago.  It is a LARGE yielding montholated Blueberry strain with tons of resin, and has some amazing sativa potency and one of my personal favorite highs – somewhat along the Thai line.  The buds are dense for a mostly Thai/Haze sativa.

The cross of these two strains led to something magical – an even LARGER yielding Blue Dream plant with slight citrus/orangey smells, MORE density and maintained the resin profile and smooth smoke.

We originally released the Orange Dream crossed to a Purple Pakistani leaning Sandstorm male, and the results were so good and the demand was so high for us to release a pure version that we decided to give the people what they want.  Expect some Purple phenotypes from Blueberry lines.  The finishing time on these plants is right around 8 Weeks, so it’s quicker than the Blue Dream with all the benefits of it.  These are in a limited supply, so if you’re looking for some magic, get it now!


Normally we don’t release F2’s of current strains, however with James’s passing we really felt it was the only way to keep this strains floating around and honor his memory.  he was San Diego’s Super Breeder and will always be remembered as such.



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