Heirloom Afghani S1


Heirloom Afghani (Roadkill Skunk Spray / Burnt Rubber Cut) S1


Heirloom Afghani (Roadkill Skunk Spray / Burnt Rubber Cut) S1

This is the only time I’m going to offer S1s of my Skunk Spray Afghani cut – the reason being is that this special lady needs to be backed up in several peoples hands and the S1s offer a chance to hit that pheno much more regularly than the F1 and F1R Hybrids. This is the pure, unadulterated Afghani line that smells like Skunk Spray, Burnt Rubber and Ammonia. She is the long lost cut. It took between several of us over a decade to relocate this exact phenotype, I just happened to be the fortunate one who popped the seeds, however this isn’t due to any breeding or crossing. It’s this dank on its own.  Massively resinous and density second to none. Moderate yields, finishes in 8-9 weeks depending where ya like it. When dialed in, you can throw this bud at a wall and it will stick to it (as long as it isnt stucco).



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