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Banana Thai

Juicy Fruit Thai x Platinum Banana OG BX1

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Juicy Fruit Thai x Platinum Banana OG BX1

Juicy Fruit Thai aka Highland Thai is the celebrated Thai line that pushed DJ Short’s work to new levels in his Blueberry Release. I am openly a DJ Short Fanboy – i make absolutely no apologies for this. So when this clone was gifted to me I was nothing short of excited and skeptical. Let me tell you folks, it smells like goddamn juicy fruit gum, and there is no better description for it. It is a slightly longer flowering line, but it rewards with copious resin production for an heirloom cultivar and terpenes that have never been duplicated. Not to mention the anti-anxiety thai high. When we crossed this with the Platinum Banana OG BX 1 male I wasn’t quite sure what to expect other than tropical terps, but the two complimented each other well and in the 20 plus females we ran of the testers all 8 phenotypes we observed were remarkable and special enough to consider releasing. This will be a limited release line of F1s and we will absolutely be working this line further.


Pictures and video submitted by @surfweedguy on Instagram. Check out his page and give him a follow!

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