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Limelite – (Seed Count – 6)

Jack Herer (Bodhi’s Cut) x Afghani (RKS Cut)

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Limelite – Seed Count (10)

Jack Herer (Bodhi’s Cut) x Afghani (RKS Cut)

The female in this duet is actually called the “10k Cut” in Colorado, however it’s much different from the original Oregon 10k Cut. This cut was passed out by my buddy Bodhi and it’s probably the most unique Jack Herer cut I’ve ever seen. It stands out in its massive resin production with less of a focus on yield, and all of the focus on extract production. It is covered from the tips of the fan leaves down to the innermost parts of the leaves. It has the most distinct super Sprite lime smell and taste to it. Quite remarkable, really. We decided to move this into the roadkill lineup in hopes of bringing some much needed density and girth to the buds without suffering on resin production. Lime dankness all around.



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