Platinum Banana Dream (Blue Dream x Platinum Banana OG BX1)


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Platinum Banana Dream

Blue Dream Haze (SC Cut) x Platinum Banana OG Kush BX1

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Platinum Banana Dream

(Blue Dream [SC Cut]x Platinum Banana OG BX1)


Blue Dream has been a staple in the Californian growing community for over a decade now – and Blueberry Haze has been around much longer. Lately Blue Dream has caught a backlash, mostly because of uneducated “collectors” and growers assuming they have THE Blue Dream cut because the local collective told them it is, or a homie shot it their way and their homie “is fam and knows what’s up”. Note: That’s how you end up with bullshit passed off as a popular strain name. The Blue Dream SC Cut is the cut that introduced me to growing Blue Dream (SC standing for Santa Cruz), and it’s the essence of a Quality Thai/Haze type high without the super long flowering times, and she’s sexually stable, that is unless you decide to use whatever nutrients your local grow shop pushed on you that would be excellent for tomatoes (High Nitrogen in Flower). But most strains will display sexual unpredictability if you feed them like a tomato. So don’t do that. it  What better to amp up the potency and blend in even more of a hybrid high-type that our legendary Platinum Banana OG line. In this case, we used the last of the pollen we had saved from our Platinum Banana OG BX1 male selection. He’s a champ that I wish I would have been able to keep cuts of successfully and work into a normal breeding program – alas we only saw small test batches and crosses with him. This strain is super limited, when it’s gone, it’s gone, no more in the vault for later. 9-10 Weeks (Most of them have been right in that region). Flavor palates cruising through the Blue and almost mentholly haze type tones from the blue dream with some laffy taffy banana- infusion and some Soapy dank from the old OG in her.  Enjoy this rare treat!

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