Purple Lemon Larry OG Kush


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Lemon Larry OG Kush (Elite Genetics) Purple Selection f2

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There have been lots of things said about Elite Seeds over the years, but one thing I can tell you is that the guy was releasing some fire genetics. I hope whevrever he’s at now that he knows the next generation are giving him the respect he earned. WIth that said, here is a reworked version of an old classic, Lemon Larry OG. We selected though 20 beans to find a worthy female during the F2. We found a female and male that reliably turned purple/

We are seeing these turn even more reliably purple, however colder temps are needed to induce a full on purple plant and buds. Aside from the purple, this plant is just plain SICK. Copious amounts trichomes and resin production on this OG and another massive yielder. We had the mother that produced these seeds at 6 feet tall indoors when unbent and untied and about 5 feet wide. Had it not been pollenated this plant itself would have produced over a lb and a half of premium quality medical grade genetics.

If you’re a cash cropper looking for Top Shelf genetics, look no further than Riot Seeds Purple Lemon Larry OG Kush

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