Riotberry OG (Legend Cut aka Blueberry Muffin OG) S1’s


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Riotberry OG

(Legend Cut aka Blueberry Muffin OG) S1’s 


Riotberry OG

(Legend Cut aka Blueberry Muffin OG) S1’s 

This cut, if you haven’t been payin gattention, is the pinnacle of Blueberry Breeding.  Not only is it a stable line sexually and phenotypically, but it is a true breeding line that imparts heavy purple tones as well as heavy blueberry muffins covered in Blueberry Jam smells AND flavors.  She has abeen a progress in the making to gets to this point over 6 years now, and has been worth every bit of it. We went through 1000s of dollars… literally MULTIPLE THOUSANDS of different blueberry lines and hybrids trying to find the ultimate blueberry line,m and oddly enough she arrived through some bagseed from some dried bud that smelled like peanut butter. The bud was wicked potent and smelled like peanut butter, so I really doubted it ws Blueberry. So I did pop a few seeds because I wanted that peanut butter cut and what came out resulted in the beginning of the process of refining what is the world’s finest blueberry line to date. I say that with MUCH confidence and it is evidenced by everyone who grows her and her hybrids every day. The Riotberry OG was a cross of the original Riotberry Line and the Riot OG line that went on to make several other famous strains that you can still find out there as clone  onlies sweeping cup after cup, This cut was specifically selected to have ZERO OG Kush traits except for a boost in the potency. So it may have OG on the end of the name, but in practice and for all intents and purposes this is strictly a Bueberry phenotype. When grown in different environments this plant can express like the Oregon Purple Thai, almost foxtaily like it has long dready fingers, or when grown at its best can be dense solid purple nugs.  One thing we CAN say is that she’s ALWAYS purpe from the first sign of budding. It is a fast flowerer at 7-8 weeks.

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