Roadkill Afghani


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Roadkill Afghani


Afghani Heirloom x Sour Dubb Reversed

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Roadkill Afghani

This is a line that we’ve been working on for a little while until we got it right. The goal was to peel through as many afghani lines as we possibly could until we found a true Acrid, ammonia line. From there we wanted to take it to a special skunk smelling line. We went through the Herat, Kandahari, 3 types of Mazar (one was a good candidate but not enough resin), old LA Affie S1s,  Afghani #1, and so on. After a lot of hunting we found a female phenotype in a line that was pure acrid ammonia… with a shitload of Skunk Spray. That smell that I often confuse for reall danky weed or if someone ran over a skunk. I haven’t seen or smelled this since my early teens in this pure form. It’s a short squat Afghani with strong stem structure and MASSIVE density, so if you’re growing outdoors in humidity, I’d avoid this line – it’s as dense as any cookies or bubba lines. We hit this girl with some reversed pollen of Sour Dubb aka Sour Dubble (clone from our boy Cannaradio – check his work out with her its INSANE!). This pheno in the cross shows up fairly regularly, so you dont need to buy a shitton of packs and hope to find it. Buy 1 or 2 and you’ll have it.  It’s a 8-9 weeker, some will take it at 51 days depending on the system. I have never, ever put the term Roaskill on anything because I’ve wanted to wait until I could deliver something reliable and sexually stable. So here she is, Roadkill Afghani. THIS IS EXTREMELY LIMITED. NO PACKS WILL BE HELD, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

Also – the RESIN profile is out of fucking sight. It is the creme de la creme of afghanis and hashplants.

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