Pinkie Pie Aka Stinky Pie

Blue Cookies (Cookieberry Diesel) x Rainbow SS OG

The Blu or Blue Cookies came to smell with much controversy! Renamed (edit by matt: YES) ? Another cookie? A find out of Our very own Riot seed creations (edit by matt: yeah, fuck whoever changed the name and fuck you Midnight Farms for ignoring that) ? Whatever she is Chica Sassy is special! Blue colors and tank smells. The type that makes you feel a little grossed out! So much resin your destined for taco time leaves! Did I mention Rainbow came to party and Bang a Rang Roofio that ass? Well he did and the offspring will be life changing!! Have you ever wanted to ride a unicorn that was riding a unicycle? Well this won’t allow you to do that but it will let you wear sunglasses in the house with your hat tilted to the side!! A True hipster doofus deluxe!
Rainbow SS OG Male is: Triangle x (OGKB x Chocolate Cherry Thai)
(edit by matt: Again, fuck the people who rename lines and don’t give credit where it’s do. You’re uncreative cowards, and fuck the clone mills who ignore it and pass it on like that. Just for that I’m going to push every other Clone Mill that doesn’t do it with rare cuts to drive you assholes out of the scene.)