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(1995 Sensi Star (Bubblegum Menthol Pheno) x TopDawg’s D-DNL)

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(1995 Sensi Star (Bubblegum Menthol Pheno) x TopDawg’s D-DNL)


We have been heavily working and playing with the ’95 Sensi Star line for a few years now and were finally able to lock down this Menthol Pink Bubblegum Pheno out of her.  It is the single most Bubblegummy strain I’ve had next to Bodhi’s White Gold Bubblegum Pheno.   Forget Any bubblegum lines, this is where it’s at!  It’s frosty, sativa dom, MASSIVE yielder, and as always bring the heavy punch that Sensi Star always has. We decided it would work best with our current male selection given to us by our good home Beezie of TopDawg’s D-DNL line.  D-DNL is a cross of Chemdawg D x DNL.  For those of you NOT familiar with DNL, it is the mommy of ECSD.  The given information for the genetics on DNL are: RFK Skunk x Hawaiian x Northern Lights.  This is what gives ECSD her SOUR nature.  The Chemdawg D in the line brought in this heavy fecal chem smell but with the delicious taste that comes with the ChemD.  The female of this same phenotype had SUPER DENSE buds with large bubbly calyxes and a heavy, Beefy Yield.  The high was the kinda high that makes your eyes feel like they’re falling out of your fuckin’ face.  It was almost TOO MUCH for a veteran smoker.  So if you want a day ender, these D-DNL lines are a great place to start.  Props to JJ Nyc and TopDawg for putting out this KILLER line, and Props to Beezie for making these available to us!

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